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Not since season two have we seen the Gallagher brothers, Ian & Lip, tightly bonded in friendship and brotherhood and we’ve missed it. A lot. At the heart of Shameless has always been the Gallagher siblings and their journey through life, together.

No matter what was happening, who was fighting with whom, we always knew that when push came to shove the Gallaghers would band together.

But then something happened, something that happens to all siblings, Ian & Lip started to grow up. And as much as we hated it, growing up also meant growing apart.

The truth is Ian & Lip need each other. They need that bond that they shared as teenagers because it was that Gallagher bond that got them through some really tough times. All the siblings need each other in order to make it through all the crap life throws their way.

Season seven of Shameless premieres October 2nd at 9 pm ET on Showtime

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Star Cameron Monaghan talks with THR about Jerome’s big episode.

A week after Fox’s Gotham raised the stakes by offing police commissioner Sarah Essen, Monday’s “The Last Laugh” went even further in proving that no one is safe when Jerome Valeska (Shameless series regular Cameron Monaghan) — the boy who it seemed was destined to become the Joker — was killed.

In a surprise twist, Theo Galavan (James Frain) went further than anyone expected in pretending to save the day from Valeska at a public event, stabbing the villain in the neck to ensure — for the cameras — that he would never be able to threaten anyone ever again. Even as the final scene of the episode showed Valeska on the slab in the morgue — while, curiously enough, citizens of Gotham start laughing uncontrollably for mysterious reasons — it seemed unreal: Could Jerome really be dead? The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Monaghan to find out.

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With a career that began when he was just eight years old, it comes as no surprise that Cameron Monaghan has a monumental number of projects on his plate at the moment. After filming three different shows in three different places during just this year alone, it’s difficult to imagine any room for personal time, but he’s not complaining. With an iconic role on Gotham, who would want to slow down?

Growing up in front of the camera has taught Cameron the joy of hard work and a positive attitude. “I really appreciate how I was raised early on as an actor. I feel like it’s really shaped who I am as a person. It’s been strange, but I’ve met cool actors, artists and so many people who care about what they’re doing. I started at a very young age being exposed to that life. I really love movies and TV, and being able to experience that passion very young is serendipitous and really an amazing thing.” After winning the Young Actor’s Award for his role on Malcolm in the Middle at twelve years old, his career has sky rocketed. It set the tone that would define future roles in his vibrant collection of characters, all troubled or broken, but beautiful and offbeat in some way. “He was very strange. I think he was the first crazy guy I ever played. It was the first in a long line. I guess since then it’s become a trend.”

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Cameron Monaghan was born in Santa Monica, California, but he moved to Boca Raton, Florida when he was an infant. He spends his time on both coasts now because he has family in New York, Connecticut, Florida and Los Angeles.

Cameron’s debut TV role as “Winthrop Paroo” in The Music Man (2003) was originally played by Ron Howard in The Music Man (1962).

Cameron began his acting career at 5 years old in commercials. At age 7, he began appearing on stage as Stuart Little in “Stuart Little” and as Piglet in “Winnie the Pooh” at Little Palm Family Theatre in Boca. You can see Cameron on the hit TV show Shameless as Ian Gallagher.

Bellus Magazine sat down with Cameron to talk about his show Shameless and his new movie “The Giver” staring such actors as Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites, Alexander Skarsgard and even singer Taylor Swift.

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It could be said that Cameron Monoghan has a LOT going on. There’s his role on Gotham as Jerome–the ‘not-Joker,’ his impending seventh season on Showtime’s Shameless as Ian Gallagher, his recent stint on the series Mercy Street, a crop of leading roles in upcoming big-screen films like the horror flick Amytville: Awakening, The Year of Spectacular Men (with our cover girl Zoey Deutch), Wake, and yet another TV series, Son of Zorn, starring alongside Jason Sudeikis. Additionally, it was just announced he’s cast to star in the upcoming adaptation of Anna Dressed in Blood (produced by Twilight’s Stephanie Meyer).

There’s a reason the 22 year-old actor is in demand. It’s an imaginative inner rhythm that makes him so intriguing to watch. Onscreen he’s immediately sympathetic but inherently mischievous. There’s a unique depth and intrinsic honesty in all of his performances, due in great part to the amount he immerses himself in every role. We’ll let you take it from here, Cameron.

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