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I’ve been a fan of Shameless from the beginning, the show is full of layers and colors, unlike anything I’ve watched. I think the fascination and obsession of the fans come from a unique blend of outrageous events with six siblings fighting together to survive. The Gallaghers aren’t perfect, they aren’t cookie cutter characters that you can find on any television sitcom or drama. They are imperfect, scrappy and don’t have the same moral compass as most people, but they do live by a certain code that’s uniquely Gallagher.

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Even though he was apparently killed by Theo Galavan in Season 2 of Gotham, Jerome, the leading candidate to eventually become The Joker, is coming back to the FOX television series. And today, Cameron Monaghan, the 23-year-old actor that portrays the murderous character, posted a new video on Instagram teasing his return.

Hello, Gotham,” Monaghan says in the video (only contains audio), before busting out a lengthy laugh that sounds like a mix of the laughs Heath Ledger (2008’s The Dark Knight), Mark Hamill (DC animated universe), and Jack Nicholson (1989’s Batman) used when they portrayed The Clown Prince of Crime.

Last month, Jerome’s return was confirmed by executive producer John Stephens. Though he didn’t say how Jerome will be resurrected, Stephens did say his return will be built up throughout the upcomin season and big reveal is being saved for Season 4.

“You’ll have these underground movements that have started to talk about Jerome and what he represented and how he’s going to come back like in the days of John the Baptist,” Stephens told Zap2it. “Setting the stage that if there is a Season 4, hopefully we’ll bring that back in a much bigger way and you’ll see these different versions of the Joker myth.”


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Over the course of the past 6 seasons of Shameless, we have learned undeniable truths about the Gallaghers, the most pervasive being that they are fighters. They claw and scrape their way through life trying to keep ahead of the wave of problems that is always threatening to crash down on them. In “Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia,” Ian lifted his burden bravely and held it on his shoulders.

Similar to prior season finales, the episode was full of formidable struggles for the Gallaghers. Ian’s conflict in the “I am Handicapped” scene was particularly striking. Writer John Wells did an exemplary job weaving the fabric of who Ian was, is and will become into this incredibly moving scene. Ian stood in front of his supervisor as a man with purpose. “I’m not leaving until I get my job back” he stated pointedly, and we were reminded of the boy he was in the past. He was the Gallagher that had lofty goals and was motivated to reach them. He was in ROTC and had aspirations of attending West Point.

The man advocating for himself was firm and steady. He did not resemble the Ian we met upon his return from the army. That Ian was erratic and impulsive. We didn’t want to believe it, but we knew why. Like his mother, he would suffer from Bipolar Disorder. Though manias and crashes ravaged him and left him barely recognizable, Ian wrapped his denial around him like an armor battling those he loved and surrendering to his disease.

It was not until we witnessed this passionate plea for his job, that we could believe that the determined Ian we once knew was back. What is so awe-inspiring about this scene is that his vulnerability is what makes him stronger than he has ever been. Ian’s perceived weakness is what will make him an empathetic EMT. He asks his boss “you think that since I’m bipolar, which I am managing by the way, that I can’t do this job where half the people we deal with are mentally ill?” and we are reminded of the tenderness he has demonstrated towards his family and the Milkoviches throughout the seasons. And then we get it, he needs this job because it will connect him to who he once was, and who he wants to become.

An incredibly poignant moment comes when Ian’s states that “It is illegal to discriminate against someone who is handicapped and I.. I am handicapped. It’s not my fault, I didn’t do anything to bring this on myself, I have a disease.” It’s apparent that he is not only admitting this to his boss, but also to himself. It is the first time we see Ian accept his diagnosis without shame or guilt. We can begin to see glimpses of a man who recognizes that he can have success and fulfillment in his life.

It must be said that this scene was powerfully acted by Cameron Monaghan. There was variability in his inflection as he spoke words that would have a great impact on people who suffer, or love someone who suffers, from mental illnesses. He beautifully portrayed an air of softness while commanding the screen. His temperament was raw yet careful in a way that was both inspirational and heartbreaking.

Regardless what happens with Ian’s EMT career, this scene will remain one of the most pivotal in his character’s maturity and development.

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Gotham wrapped up its second season with an explosive finale that saw the return of Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), escaping Arkham with a whole busload full of Hugo Strange’s experimental villains. But though viewers weren’t able to get a close look at most of the evil occupants as they were unleashed, fans don’t have to wait until next season to find out who some of the newly freed bad guys are. Executive producer John Stephens recently revealed which names we can expect to show up on the list of Gotham season 3 villains. Check them out below.

5. The Joker

As Stranger’s villains were released into the world at the end of Gotham‘s Season 2 finale, one particular sound rang out above the chaos: the cackling of the show’s Joker-esque character Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan). As fans will remember, Jerome was killed early in the season by Theo Galavan. However, audiences have long speculated that he could come back — something that the show’s stars have also hinted strongly at. “Not only can we [bring Jerome back], but we might. I can’t say definitively, but yes. I’ll put it this way: almost nobody that you’ve seen go away is dead. They are all able to come back,” Ben McKenzie said back in January.

Now it looks like he may be keeping true to his word. Though the finale scene didn’t actually show Monaghan’s Jerome, the unmistakable evil laughter definitely implies that he’s back and among one of the many villains set to cause trouble next season. But the question remains: Will we finally see Jerome delve into full-on Joker mode in Season 3, or will the brains behind the show keep insisting that he’s only “the seed of the Joker” and not the real thing? Stay tuned.

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If you have never heard of the name Cameron Monaghan, you surely will within the next few years. Monaghan is a tremendous young actor who is on the rise, and he is poised to breakout sooner rather than later. The actor recently turned 23 years old, and it is clear his time is now.

Monaghan is known by many for two key roles he has played on television. But before I get to those, let me touch upon a few other parts you may recognize him from. One of his first roles came in the form of a six-episode run as Chad on the show Malcolm in the Middle in 2004 and 2005, which was loved by many.

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Cameron Monaghan celebrated his 23rd birthday two weeks ago and we couldn’t let the occasion pass without highlighting some of the young actor’s greatest moments on-screen. Whether you know him as Ian on Shameless or Jerome on Gotham, Monaghan has not been short of work lately and, when watching him, it’s clear why that is.

For someone so young, Monaghan’s acting ability is incredible. He’s already received so much acclaim for his various character portrayals so without future ado, let’s take a look at five moments when he shone the brightest.

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In the second season finale of Fox’s pre-Batman show, Gotham, it was revealed that Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong), the Chief of Psychiatry and director of Arkham Asylum was performing mad scientist experiments on humans at Indian Hill. Apparently Strange even created a bizzarre clone of young Bruce Wayne.

As the “experiments” finally escaped from Indian Hill and into the darkness, some thought they may have heard fan-favorite Jerome’s maniacal laugh. Executive producer Ken Woodruff confirmed to that it was definitely Jerome’s laugh, but that he isn’t making a return, just yet:

“[The laugh] was really to keep [the Joker] alive, to keep Jerome and that threat of the Joker alive. We wanted to make sure fans don’t feel that we’re completely done with [the mythology of the Joker] because we are 100 percent, absolutely not,” he said. “[But,] it’s not going to be something we delve into right way at the top of the season,” Woodruff explained.

While season 3 will delve into more of the Joker’s mythology, it sadly won’t be happening until the end of the season. Gotham is opening its storyline with the Mad Hatter as the main big bad. But don’t worry guys, on a show that is already characterized as “villain-centric” you will still be seeing the rise of The Joker (before he knew he was The Joker) this season.

I mean, let’s be real…you can’t possible have a Batman villain show without some prototype version the Clown Prince of Crime, right?



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When I think of the show Gotham, I would never for a minute say that the best characters are the ‘good’ guys. Maybe it’s because we already know how their storylines are going to pan out. Bruce Wayne is going to become Batman. Jim Gordon will become Commissioner. Those are fact. They’re set in stone and are the unshakeable foundations of Gotham.

However, it doesn’t make for entertaining TV to see just those characters come alive on our screens. Sure it’s great and interesting to see the run up to how they became the men that we know they will be, but at least in my opinion, they aren’t actually the highlight of the show by far.

They may be an integral part, but the ‘good’ guys like Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne pale in comparison to the criminals of the show. So here are my five stand-out characters of the show so far and who, week by week, I look forwards to (or previously had looked forwards to) watching on my screen.

1. Jerome Valeska

I could have watched a show about Jerome and just Jerome.

Sure, this is coming off the back of me being a huge Shameless fan, so I will completely own up to the fact that Cameron Monaghan is probably at least seventy per cent of the reason I chose to watch Gotham at all. But can anyone deny that he made a phenomenal Joker-Not-Joker?

Whoever has to follow Cameron and pick up the Joker’s laugh, I pity. Because not only did he completely nail that laugh, but he brought in so many little quirks that had you thinking of the previous interpretations of the Joker too. That scene on the television in 2×02 “Knock Knock” when the massacre at the GCPD had me thinking of Heath Ledger’s Joker so much that it was creepy.

Honestly, the only thing that I could have faulted about Cameron’s performance as Jerome was the fact that they killed him off. They could have just done a show about a camera crew following Jerome around on his day to day madness and I would have been happy as a clam.

Jerome well and truly owned every moment of screen time that he was given, from when he was committing murder to just playing chicken with another crazy. Whilst the Penguin you would not want to have as your nemesis, Jerome is just unnerving. Everything about him is so completely unsettling that there is no way in hell – and it would be one of the worst forms of hell – you would want to be trapped in a room with him.

Jerome, to me, is the ultimate stand-out character in Gotham so far, because even dead he has well and truly left his mark on both the city and the show. And that laugh still gives me chills.



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Note: The article was written in Spanish so I’ve translated it to English. Sorry if there are mistakes.

In the wide world of superhero comics adaptations to the screen, either series or feature film format, there is a candy that many actores like to taste al least once in their life. And there’s nothing more exciting than playing a charismatic villain, because, let’s face it: it is more fun to play the bad guy than the hero.

One of the most famous comic book supervillains of all time is, without doubt, The Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime, who lacks superpowers and whose main characteristic is the psychopath, is the one who has tormented Batman along its editorial tour. Created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane, had his first appereance in April 1940.

Since then, there are many incarnations on differents adaptations: TV series, animated series, video games, movies, short films and even plays had served to prodigue the Joker figure beyond the role, becoming a key figure in the pantheon of fictional villains of all story.

Several actors have lent their voice for the animated series or videogames, but in the next list there are only seven actors, which have served for the construction of a character with their different nuances and incarnations that made them especial.

Number 5: Cameron Monaghan, Gotham.

Gotham, the original FOX series serves to tell the origins of Comissioner Jim Gordon [Ben McKenzie] and a young heir named Bruce Wayne [David Mazouz] and also it’s a prequel to the trajectory of some most famous villains that corrupt the city.

Cameron Monaghan plays Jerome Valeska, a young Joker that drives crazy the police and was in four episodes for now.



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*Warning: Minor spoilers for Gotham ahead. Read at your own risk.*

Gotham fans wept the day that Cameron Monaghan’s wonderfully psychotic Jerome Valeska was killed. Monaghan’s portrayal of the character — a former Arkham Asylum inmate who’s been teased as a young version of the Joker — received critical acclaim from fans, with many understandably devastated by his death.

However, you can put that sinister smile back on your face because in a new interview with Zap2It, Gotham executive producer John Stephens confirmed that we have not seen the last of Jerome.

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